Make your travel something interesting and innovative with your lovely pet animals

Everyone would love to grow the pets in their home but few are one step ahead without their pet animals they cannot able to go anywhere because that much they would love it. In such condition when you are planning for a trip you have to leave your pets in your home, sure your heart would feel bad that time and you would be missing something.

To face such a kind of situation there is a need for you to find out the method to call and go your animals along with you. But in most of the place the travel with animals is strictly banned to overcome from that there is a need for you to book and plan according to that.

The general information that you want to know

When you wish to bring your pet on your flight then either the cabin or in the cargo hold there is a need for you to reserve up the space for it within 24 hours. After that you have to book up your flight ticket after contacting up the SAS (Sales and Service). You would receive the notification when you are going to accommodate up your request for at least 24 hours.

  • For this you are required for you to complete up a document before you are traveling up with animals.

  • Along with you only you can able to call two different pets with you one is dog and the other one is cat. In case when you want to carry some other pets then it must travel only in the cargo hold.

  • When you are wishing to bring up the kitten or puppy then it should be at least 8 weeks old if it is less than 14 weeks old then the veterinary certificate should be approved for air transport.

  • The pets or animals are not permitted in the case of the charter flight with SAS.

  • The service dogs and the other service animals should always travel for free in the cabin with SAS.

In additional to that you must have the correct documentation that should be certifying up your pet’s health. Different countries would have the different conditions for bringing up the animals or pets into their country.

The rules that should be followed in transporting pets in cargo

Below are the guidelines that have been regulated for travel with animals and they are as follows

  • The animals that are checked up in the cargo must travel to the transport that are leak proof, solid and clean and disinfected.

  • The cage box must be made up of with the fiber glass metal, solid wood or plywood.

  • The cage box must be equipped up with the container for the food and the water as well s the bottom of the cage must be covered up with the newsletter.

As like this you should do few things before you are going to carry your lovable pets with you.